Frequently Asked Questions


What is the total cost to open a franchise?

The cost to open a franchise is $6,000 – $10,000, including franchising fee.

Are there financing options for investing in a franchise?

Financing options are available in the franchise application.

How long is training for a franchise?

Initial training is 16-20 weeks of modules, but expect ongoing training for the duration of your franchise.

Do I need a Social Security Number?

A SSN is not required, but preferred. We can provide options as long as there are no issues with your background check.

Do I have to use the D&J name for my franchise?

Yes, the franchise must have the D&J name and logo.

Can I open more than one location for my franchise in the first year?

Yes, as a franchise you may open up to three locations in the first year. All locations must be approved.

Am I restricted to operate within a selected city or territory?

Yes, franchises must operate within a selected city or territory, but negotiations can be made with other territories to allow you to operate within their limits.

Does D&J regulate pricing?

D&J does not mandate a pricing scale, but will closely monitor franchise pricing to ensure prices are reasonable, there are no hidden charges and all returns are profitable.